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It's summer and that means the On Paperettes have been busy with bridal season and helping our loyal, rain-drenched customers. (We had 19 straight days of rain in June.) A few of us have been able to get away from the soaking and head out on summer vacations. It’s not a competition, but the trip to Paris wins “most fabulous.” The trip to northern Wisconsin wins “most mosquito-y.”

Please, but mainly thank you

It's Ohio in February. It's gray. We shovel every morning to get to our salt encrusted cars, which we must also shovel out. We wear our snow boots all day and have totally given up watching the weather, because guess what? It's just going to be terrible. Still, we're thankful. We're not under multiple feet of snow like our Northeastern friends and family. Our below zero days are less frequent than...


Happy Nearly New Year's! We hope you've had lovely holiday season with friends and family. Before we officially welcome 2015, we have just enough time to make, you guessed it, a pajaki. (Obviously!) Sommer's tutorial for this traditional (and beautiful) Polish craft is below. Give it a whirl! 

Mother's Day

Like the daffodil and hyacinth, the shop is blooming with delights. Mother's Day is just a couple weeks away, so we thought we'd let you know a bit about our annual and perennial favorites.

Two of our most recent jewelry arrivals are textile-based, achieving a bold look with delicate materials. Bracelets, necklaces and pendants in black and metallic European couture lace are light as air and...

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