Shelley Kyle Tiramani Sugar Scrub

$ 36.00

Shelley Kyle is among the most talented and innovative leaders in the fragrance industry today. The benchmark of this successful product line is its fine quality. Pure and simple, this fragrance is the extraordinary quality and all the products contain a high percentage of fragrance. custom vessels and boxed packaging

Custom vessels and lovely boxed packaging make this a perfect gift. Welcome to the world of Shelley Kyle!

TIRAMANI Fragrance: A glorious citrus/floral bloom with notes of: Blood Orange, Madonna Lily, White Nectarine, Cashmere Musk, Night Blooming Jasmine

Brown Sugar Body Scrub: Renew your skin with our shea butter sugar scrub. A gentle yet effective exfoliate, sure to leave your skin with a radiant glow. Paraben free.

- 10.3 oz.

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