Happy Nearly New Year's! We hope you've had lovely holiday season with friends and family. Before we officially welcome 2015, we have just enough time to make, you guessed it, a pajaki. (Obviously!) Sommer's tutorial for this traditional (and beautiful) Polish craft is below. Give it a whirl! 

A pajaki is a Polish paper chandelier. Though traditionally a Christmas decoration, I think it's the perfect project for the New Year. Not only can you use up all your crafting left overs, but you ring in the New Year celebrating patience, balance and beauty. The finished product reminds me of a whimsical fairyland carousel!

What you'll need:
- patience
- small bits of paper (These can be scraps, or check out On Paper for their selection of colorful and handmade papers.)
- hot glue gun
- extra large hole punch (You could cut circles, but this makes it easier.)
- string (or ribbon)
- a circle or two created from wire (I used embroidery hoops that I picked up at a garage sale ages ago.)
- straws (I used paper straws purchased from On Paper. Ikea always has nice colored straws, too.)
- additional decorations to beautify
Begin by creating equal lengths of string or ribbon. Thread your circles and straws and then tie these strings to your circle hoop. Balance is key. I actually had to start over a few times before getting it right, so perhaps little alligator clips might be helpful as you get your tie points established. Then start building. Let creativity take over. In the case of pajaki I truly feel that more is more. There's no room for understated here. I used a glue gun to add little sparkling bows, that I cut from metallic twist. Add on as you see fit. I created a 2 tier one but certainly these could get longer if your heart desires.

And a few suggestions:
- This project would probably benefit from being done in a group; I found it awkward to tie and hold the threaded objects on at the same time. So, invite some friends over and...
- Take your time.

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