Save the Date!

Now that you’re engaged and you’ve been properly feted, let’s announce your wedding date in a style all your own. 
At least some version of saving the date has be taking place in Europe since the12thcentury in the form of “banns” in which your parish announced your intent to marry on a specific date. This was to allow any objections to the union to be voiced and the marriage halted if necessary (you know, Godwin is already married to a lady in the next shire or the betrothed are actually be-cousins). The Roman Catholic Church ended this as a necessary step in the 1980s, but in the Church of England this tradition continues.

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Banns or no banns, you can save the date in beautiful, festive, adorable, sassy and/or sophisticated ways. At On Paper, we’re here to help you find the perfect save the date, whether it will coordinate with and offer a hint of the wedding invitations yet to come, or, be its own, independent piece of art. (The choice is completely yours and either path is correct.)

Trending design elements include fabric inspired prints, letterpress, sumptuously painted edges, snappy fun type, and foil, foil, foil (these trends follow through to invitations as well). And if you lean more toward the classic – we love traditional designs for their timeless elegance: think lovely ivory paper with crisp black engraving. Perhaps add a die cut shape or colored edging for an updated tailored twist.

Take a look the images below to get an idea of what you like and what is possible, then let’s set up an appointment! It’s best to order your save the dates nine months to a year in advance (especially if you’re doing a destination wedding).
We can’t wait to save the date with you!

The Save the Date above and the one below can be ordered on our partnered website (along with tons of other options)! If interested in any of the others, give us a buzz: (614) 424.6617.

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