Engagement Party Invitations and You

Did you see it coming or were you totally in the dark? Were you on a romantic weekend getaway or were you in the backyard knee deep in mulch? However it happened, the sparkler on your finger says you’re engaged. Congratulations!
What better way to celebrate your news than a party?
There was a time when the engagement party was reserved exclusively for those attending the wedding ceremony, a meet-and-greet of sorts: Dad, meet all my college roommates. Fiancé, meet Aunt Sue, ghost hunter.
While the benefit of introducing friends and family remains, the engagement party isn’t just for wedding guests these days. If you’re planning on a small ceremony or destination wedding, an engagement party that includes childhood friends, work buddies, and family is a great way for your guests to have their cake and eat it, too. 
Whether the bride’s parents are hosting, as is tradition, or you’re throwing yourselves the perfect party, invitations set the tone for the event and can introduce you as a couple. At On Paper we think a lot can be said with a great invitation design. A gorgeous and thoughtful invitation to any event is keepsake.

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Again, congratulations. Let’s celebrate!
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