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Introducing... (drum roll please) Emily's Posts! We're enthused that our newest On Paper-ette, Emily Halnon will be signing on with a weekly column titled "Emily's Posts".

With subject matter ranging from what's new in the shop to correspondence and social changes in communication style, we can't wait to share Emily's insight.

A twenty something, who is quite new to Columbus, Emily is no stranger to the Short North. She has worked at Substance and started working at On Paper last year as as our first ever intern. Prior to meeting Emily, we had never considered an intern because our product is intensive, specific and difficult to master in a finite period of time. But her determination to work in the shop, glowing presence and unabashed love of writing and all things stationery made her impossible to resist! And it's been a true success story ever since. Emily was hired as a part time associate four months after her internship began, and just last week she joined On Paper as a full time member of our team.

Emily grew up on Robert Frost Mountain in Vermont so, perhaps, it's no surprise that she was a English major at The College of Wooster. Her senior thesis focused on diaries as a means of self expression for women and her fascination with the social implications of writing is a key interest.

When prompted to share her initial thoughts on social media writing vs. personal writing Emily explained the distinction: Private communication and expression is about establishing your personal self and individuality while social media is about connecting with others- forging bonds though similarities and building community.

At On Paper we are continually engaged in the evolution of the written word and we can't wait to hear, and learn more as we read Emily's posts!!

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