Yes Virginia, There Is A Post Office!

Some of us are lucky to enough to have a summer house. And some of us are lucky enough to have a summer house in a town so small you need to have mail delivered to the post office. And those of us who are really, really lucky - get to have their mail delivered to a post office that is very old and very cool! Guess that makes ME one very lucky gal!!

And in the sea of post boxes- there is one that awaits us- enduring rain, sleet and snow until summer arrives and with just a simple twist of the perfect combination opens it's door and says- "You've got mail"!

So with Fall just around the corner- we'll be closing the cottage till Spring and we bid goodbye to our beloved post office box. We always get wistful and are always reminded of how many letters have been opened from this box. Back when mail was mail and email wasn't even a twinkling in any of our eyes!

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