Shop Local this Holiday Season!!

Two great efforts of late to support small businesses across the country from Independent We Stand and The 3/50 Project.

The 3/50 Project recently signed on American Express as a sponsor, adding much needed financial support, and has built two great new campaigns:

Both, preach the good word of shopping local this holiday season. Take a moment to check out these sites and to sign up and make your mark. Most of all- just say to no to the lure of 4 A.M. sales at the big boxes and harness your hard earned dollars into your local community. You may wind up with a bit less in your stocking this year- but a whole lot more down the road, when this Spring, your local brick and mortar shop is still standing.

A BIG small business thank you to Cinda Baxter (3/50 Project) and Independent We Stand for their outstanding efforts to send business our way this season and all year long!

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