Hot off the Gift Show Floor

Whew! Recovering from one hectic buying trip- The New York International Gift Fair- a whirlwind three days, running the aisles to cull the best of the best!

So what did I buy? Lots of vintage-y inspired treasures in the wings. Here's a hint of what's in store (in a few short weeks)...

Bamboo floor mats w/ uber cool screened calligraphy

Letter boxes

If you love Paris, this one's for you... antiqued wood sign

Bijoux photo frame

Really tried to focus on expanding the assortment of fashion accessories that are gaining popularity - so lots of super cool scarves (!), headbands (!), rings, weekend bags, baubles and bling!!
So excited to have stumbled upon my absolute favorite headbands, which I purchased in abundance!

Great bags for summer (hard to remember that summer even exists in this sub zero weather!) and those long weekends away

Lovely necklaces and earrings fashioned from vintage buttons

Now the really hard part... can't wait till everything arrives!

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