Cookbook + Style = Wedding Inspiration

While visiting one of my favorite shopping sites, One King's Lane, I came upon a Designer Profile for food designer Victoria Armory. Not being a foodie myself, I was drawn not so much to her food tips, but to the photos of her lovely table settings. Her style exudes easy sophistication and elegance, without pretension.

Hop over and watch the entire slide show- great ideas in there for table design, perfect for a rehearsal dinner or to inspire a wedding concept. Pay special attention to how a table cloth can transform the room, not to mention a textile print from a napkin can launch the look of the entire event.

After reading her bio occurred to me that cook books are a great source of inspiration for wedding design. Great ideas and styling tips abound. So embrace your inner Julia- and visit the cookbook section of your local bookshop. Did somebody say Bon Appetit?!

All photos via ... if you don't already know this website- you are in for a treat- join up and don't miss the Designer Profiles, not to mention the FAB sales.

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