6 Tips for Holiday Card Writing

Wondering what to say in those Holiday cards you just purchased?! Here are a few suggestions...

1. It's not so much what you say or how you say it... it's sending the card that really matters.

2. When sending cards to business colleagues- keep it short and simple:

Sending all best wishes to you and your family-

Kindest regards,
Jim Smith

3. Had a bad year? Write about what you've learned, where this path has lead. Look for the silver lining and send positive energy for the New Year.

4. Don't brag! It's hard not to- especially when writing an annual letter. Rather than listing all the great things your kids have accomplished- write about what they have learned, how an experience made them grow or develop new skills. Talk about why they have made you proud, what their accomplishment means to you, your children, your family.

5. Think about the most memorable event of the year and highlight it in a snippet on a holiday card:

Dear Sarah and Jim-

Hope you have had a great year and that this cards finds you both well. Our year has been a busy one, highlighted by an Anniversary cruise to Alaska with the children. We had a wonderful journey with many great adventures.
All best to you and yours for a terrific 2010!

Much love-
Carrie and Steve

6. While e-cards may be tempting- free postage, quick and easy- remember- the holidays come once a year. There is nothing more personal or meaningful than going to the mailbox and finding a handwritten envelope in your pile of bills, especially when it's from someone who really matters. Taking the time to write and send cards is a wonderful holiday tradition- so deck the halls with letters in abundance!!!

Cards: Elum, Saturn Press

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