Oh la la! So French-

So very pleased to introduce these newest lovelies by artist Jodi French. Jodi and I worked together in our Limited days. She is now a mom and artist living in New Hampshire we have recently reacquainted - thnku Facebook. Jodi's work encompasses a vintage elegance we are so fond of here at On Paper. I think these wearable (VERY wearable) fiber florals are just perfect!

Bracelet cuff- really unique piece flowers are stitched to a rustic linen fabric- a great contrast that simply works- so original and the colors are perfect together.

Satin fabric, vintage beads, burnished edges are some of the delicate details that define the work.

This one is brooch- ultra suede for a much more rustic, everyday look.
Pearl beads, crochet center- LUV!

My fave of the collection- this can be worn day, night, formal black-tie,
w/jeans and everything in between.
A stunning combo of textures and dimensions.

A divine accessory- wear as a belt, headband wrap, necklace of any length-
Did someone say holiday par-tay!!?

Thanks Jodi- I love having them at On Paper!

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