Anniversary Reflections

As our twelfth anniversary month draws to a close I am struck by how much our world, and my world has changed in the twelve years since I opened On Paper....

12 Things That Have Dramatically Changed in 12 years
(in no particular order, except #1)

1. E commerce retail sales rose from 8 billion in 1998 to 166 billion in 2007. That's in just 10 years....completely changing the face of brick and mortar retailing forever.

2. Many, including industry experts, perceived Al Gore's concept of global warming to be a farce.

3. Barack Obama becomes the first African American President.

4. September 11th.

5. Google, Ebay and Amazon were just getting going. Facebook, Twitter and Youtube were not even concepts.

6. China entered the World Trade Organization in 2001.

7. Economic recession.

8. I got married. Twice! (someone has to order wedding invitations)! ;)

9. I opened and closed a second On Paper location in Cleveland (2000-2002).

10. The average cell phone call in 2001 lasted 2.74 minutes.

11. Wars in Afghanistan and Iraq war.

12. I opened Green Paper Company, a wholesale recycled paper company.

Sources:, internet, Econonmic Policy Institute (
Photo: Scott Cunningham

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