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There's a new trend on the block and I'm calling it First Lady frills. It all started with a ballgown, but not just any ball gown... THE ballgown... worn by the lovely Michelle Obama. Designed by 26 year old Jason Wu, this relatively unknown designer has created a fashion sensation. And now it's popping up in bridal shop fitting rooms all across the country! And what better way to translate haute couture to weddings than a utterly stunning white confection!?

Here are some more great bridal fashions that incorporate texture, frills and inspired fluff...



Photos #1 #2 #3 are dresses by the incredibly talented Elizabeth Dye. See more of her work here and her beautiful shop, The English Dept. here.

Photo #4 is by "myrakim" on This artist creates flounces, fabric corsages, embellishments and hair pieces that incorporate a retro vintage textured quality while still being so sophisticated. Lovely and chic!

And, of course, there is J. Crew and their simply elegant collection of bridal wear.



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And what would a conversation about bridal gowns be without the mention of the illustious Vera Wang? Here are a few glimpses of her 2010 collection- which takes textured fabric detail to en entirely new level- the epitome of cotton candy confection! Yummmm!



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The enigmatic fashion house of Chanel took couture texture over the top to new heights in the most recent collection show a few weeks ago...

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And coming full circle, back to Mr. Wu. Check out more of Jason Wu's inspired collections here.

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