It's Cherry Blossom Season

It's Spring (finally!!) and cherry blossom season is upon us. As the flowers bloom on the trees Spring is all around us inside the shop as well.
So pretty!! Cherry blossoms and textile inspired mini florals have always been popular, rather classic in fact. But the last few years these blossoms have branched out and really bloomed.

We're featuring a recent release from Anna Griffin - pretty note papers in a tidy box with bow, floral mouse pad/to-do list, and even a fabulous coated canvas tote. And from Galison...file folders, perfect for purse pocket sized note pads and a great trifold desk planner. All of these blossom inspired lovelies coordinate together in to one perfect collection. Coincidence you may say? Genius buying I'd say!          ;-)

And just in time for Mother's Day!

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