Invitation suites too sweet not to share (part deux)

We can’t believe it’s been a month since we last checked in, but were we ever busy preparing for and participating in the Country Living Fair. It was fantastic to see so many sunny, paper loving people braving the heat (and rain). If you haven’t been to the fair, can we suggest you mark it on your calendar for next year? You don’t want to miss a chance to take in the vintage fabric frocks of Brooklyn-based Beebop & Wally, the handsomest leather bags by Fount Leather (our neighbor to the north in Cleveland), and the whimsy and craftsmanship of boots by another Ohio biz, The Velvet Road.

But back to the matter at hand (and our favorite subject): fabulous invitations. This post is the second in a series featuring a few of our favorite designs of the season. Andrea and Pat’s invitation is in the spotlight this week for its thoughtful consideration of venue and local history.

We always recommend that our couples provide an invitation set to their photographers for photos like this one. Images of the invitation suite make a great beginning to a wedding album, too! Thanks to Andrea and Pat for use of their photo and Angela Fortin Studio for snapping away!  

I was the lucky one working with this truly delightful couple, who arrived at the first appointment hoping to incorporate a vintage postcard of their venue—a former bustling train station at the heart of Columbus, now a fabulous event space (complete with arched ceiling and balcony) called Station 67.

And a sepia toned envelope liner is born! With a little fancy mousework by our graphic designer, Lynsey, we were able to remove a few unsightly utility poles and wires for an unobstructed view of building. We also repositioned the text from the bottom of the postcard to the top, so the original name of the station was visible. Our absolute favorite feature of the liner is so delightfully subtle, it might only be noticed by the keenest observer. Don’t worry, we’ll let you in on the secret: the clock tower reads the time of the ceremony. This was Pat’s idea and the kind of detail a stationer loves. Thanks again to Lynsey and her Photoshop wizardry!

If there's one thing we love, it's a fancy envelope liner (better yet if it's nestled in an envelope with a deckled edge).

That’s just the envelope liner! Keeping the venue in mind, Andrea and Pat chose a ticket-inspired design in a sepia palette with just pops of a spring green accent color. (A quick note to those of you imagining your own invitations: using charcoal or taupe instead of black cuts down on the contrast between paper and ink, creating a softer design). Though highly linear, a few key instances of script and a felt texture paper keep the invitation from feeling cold. This invitation is a great example of embracing a theme, without being constricted by it.

We'll give you a minute to stare at the ring, but afterwards take a look at the pretty script and springtime green on the invitation below.

 We wish these two lots (and lots) of happiness and thank them for the opportunity to create something truly one-of-a-kind.

 While we’re discussing theme and travel-related designs, we wanted to do a little bit more show-and-tell. We recently put together a boarding pass save the date (including the perforated tab!) perfect for couples wanting a fun introduction to their destination wedding. Whether you choose to fly Amorican Airlines or US Airways, may your skies will be friendly, lovely, and fun. Interested in the design? Call or e-mail, we’d love to set up an appointment!

On Paper's boarding pass save the date is ready to take off.

Next up: we’ll feature an invitation selected by shop proprietor, and original On Paperette, Joan.



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