Invitation suites too sweet not to share (Part Three)

Hello, hello! So happy you’ve tuned in for our third and final (for the moment) featured invitation of the season. We hope that you won’t mind if we shine a spotlight on others down the road (after all, it is our favorite subject and there are so many more gorgeous invitations to bask in).

This design in an On Paper exclusive, designed in house and one we’re thrilled to say is in currently in production for a very organized bride (summer of 2016)! Pardon our aliases, but we don’t like to spill the beans until the I dos have been done, so we’ll call her Sara and him James, and we’ll call their style rustic elegance.

One benefit of being so on the ball is the opportunity to create a cohesive aesthetic from the beginning; this doesn’t mean your save the date and invitation are identical, but incorporate similar colors, typestyles, and motifs, so that the feeling is consistent. In this case, we’re introducing botanical inspired watercolors and a beautiful calligraphic script with the save the date. 

A linear botanical element and exuberant script create rustic sophistication.


The envelope flap: not just for return addresses! Why not dress up this often overlooked space with a pretty garland? If your aesthetic goes more towards the architectural or typographic, an exaggerated zip code or structural motif can add visual interest.


The invitation revisits and expands on the watercolor botanicals introduced in the save the date. And while it’s best to avoid drama in life, we say go for it on the invitation: deeper pinks and reds, and the occasional feather do just the trick. We stick with the same typestyles, using the script to emphasize the couple’s names, their venue, and the reception fun to follow.

Wreathed in natural beauty


We know that if you received this invitation in the mail, you’d be anxious to reply yes, a million times yes, so let’s take a peek at the reply set. Though the same lush flowers appear, they’re positioned differently, adding a little wild beauty to the bottom right corner of the card. The reply card is another opportunity to communicate the formality of the event; while some couples stick with the traditional “accepts” and “regrets,” others embrace a little pizzazz.

Can't wait!


Not all couples will include an accommodations or weekend details card, but if you do need one, can we suggest something fabulous like this?

An accommodations or details card can make sense if you have a lot of out of town guests, or if the event spans more than a day.

While the wedding is still a few seasons away, it will give us plenty of time to design the day of accessories to perfectly coordinate and compliment what the guests have already seen. The invitation hints at the big day to come and we'll continue to weave the theme with seating cards, menus, programs and perhaps, a floral feathery finale - a thank you note. 



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