A message from your friends at On Paper

First and foremost, thank you to our loyal customers and custom clients who have continued to support us during these dark days. No words can really express how grateful we are for you and what your orders have meant to our small independent business. You are the reason we keep fighting to live another day.

This is so hard to write but sharing it is critical. It’s been a crushing year for On Paper and so many other small independent businesses. Too many of our neighbors have closed their doors. Too many windows have for lease signs. Main Streets across the USA are losing their vibrant and unique small businesses. The recovery has been too slow. Yes, we got the PPP loan, we got a grant, we’ve maxed out our credit cards, we’ve done everything we can think of but it’s Just. Not. Enough.  

Our mission is more important than ever. In a time when people have been locked down, pent up, missing their loved ones or solely communicating through a screen, our business connects them in a real and tangible way. The effort taken to send snail mail has a way of touching people in a sense that digital communication just can't match. While weddings and other major social experiences are being postponed or going micro, the invitations and day of stationery represent hope for a more normal future.

After 23 years, 2020 may be the last one for our sweet little brick and mortar shop with its creaky floors, vintage chandeliers, and antique fixtures. (We’re just talking about brick and mortar, and only as a last resort. On Paper will live on through custom and e-commerce business). We’re committed to being here through the end of the year and we’re giving you the in-person On Paper holiday shopping experience you’re craving. But we need your help this holiday season. If you’re shopping for a planner, calendar, journal, fine pen, or anything else we carry, please shop with us. If you don’t need anything right now, buy a gift card to use later. If you’re avoiding the public, shop www.onpaper.com, pick up curbside, tag us on Instagram, join our mailing list (scroll to the bottom or our home page), tell your friends. And if you’re shopping for something else entirely, that’s ok, just shop with another small business. Save us. Save them. 

Margy, Quierston, Lynsey, Cassie, Christian and Eva 


  • suzy

    Everything is changing, and it is especially disheartening to lose the best of our once hands on world of shopping. On Paper stands out as a hallmark of style, sophisticated choices in paper, and in a setting of delight. Columbus’ own small nod to the beauty of New York style. Thank you for fine personnel, lovely products, and inspiring windows. I will be there to your last day…….

  • Jenna

    This makes me so sad to hear :( I lived down the street from On Paper from 2011-2017 and it was my favorite local shop. I always bought my cards/gifts here and it was the best spot to bring out of town guests. My dad even became a fan too and frequented your store every time he visited. I now live in Austin, TX and have yet to find a card shop as good as yours. Now that I know I can shop online, I’ll be ordering cards/gifts soon and will let family/friends know as well! I hope to visit when I’m back in Columbus for Christmas! Take care

  • Pat Kelso

    I am a total paper, pen, and small shop fan. I love On Paper! I feel awe and wonder every time I enter your sweet shop. I am thankful you are not closing your business, but I am sad that you are closing the doors to your shop. Construction and parking challenges have kept me from shopping in person more often. COVID has also made it hard to shop the way we would all like to be shopping.

    In spite of the challenges, I will support your shop as much as I possibly can. Thank you for creating such a unique business that celebrates paper goods, customized products, fabulous pens, and great gifts!

  • Brenda

    I am sorry that it took me so long to find this exceptional shop! I have been searching for Amatruda La Carte di Amalfi paper for a long time.
    My package arrived quickly and so carefully protected for the post.
    I immediately went back for seconds!
    Thank you so very much for your care and dedication. I am sharing you with friends and family.
    Kindest regards,

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