Happy New Year

I had fun looking over our social posts from the last several New Years. My favorite is from 2017 and by changing just a few of Joan's words, it still rings so true today.  “Without you, we could never have reached 20 years made it to 2021. Thank you to the Short North, to all our Columbus customers who shop local and believe that small business matters. To those who love stationery and snail mail, who believe that writing is not a lost art. To our brides who seek out beautiful wedding invitations and to my amazing team, creative partners and family without whom, it would never happen. A joyful thank you, and cheers to a nother great year ahead.”
We had a pretty darn good December, considering covid, which will keep the shop lights on for a while as plans continue to unfold for the next act of On Paper. We don't have a formal update on our move but we know we're downsizing so we'll be having a tag sale on some of our fixtures, displays, lovely little accessories like trays and candle cloches (I didn't know what that was either until I started working here, there's no shame in googling it) and such. Much of it can be shipped, some of it can't. More details on that will be coming soon. 
If you got your holiday cards from us, thank you. We loved seeing your family pictures and reading all of your messages of peace and grace and hope. A few of our cards are pictured here in the display (we call that a peacock). Lynsey and KC on the left, Margy and her family in the center and Quierston and Ricky on the right. And the messages on the back. 
We'd love to have your business next year! 
The shelves are a little bare right now. Bear with us, we're replenishing as fast as we can and our budget will allow. If we don't have something you need, please let us know so we can do our best to get it for you.  
I've mentioned before that we're streamlining our jewelry and apothecary collections. Because we're all about things that make you uniquely you, you'll see more pieces with initials, birthstones, coordinates, etc. We are obsessed with our new candle line by Zoet Bathlatier so you'll definitely be seeing more of that. To make room, our entire apothecary collection and much of our jewelry is 25% off with a promo code that was sent out exclusively via email. We carefully curate our email content and truly want it to add value to your life and include offers that no one else gets. We also know email is not for everyone. You can subscribe at the bottom of our home page and every email has a link to unsubscribe. 
Our email messages are the best way to stay informed. Send us your good vibes, thoughts, ideas and questions. We do what we do for you and yeah, because we love it too. We're so glad to have you along for the ride.
Until next time, don't forget to write, 
Margy and the fabulous OP team (Quierston, Lynsey, Cassie, Christian & Eva)

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