Nothing but the Crest

To commemorate On Paper's 20th year, we’ve gone all out and designed ourselves a crest to use early and often. We’ve already unveiled it in our front window and it proudly adorns our shop packaging. While we certainly hope you’ll stop by to see it in person, we can’t help but show it to you here, as well.

Celebrating 20 years in style

We appreciate the elaborate symbolism reflected in historic crests, shields, and coats of arms, but we hope you'll allow us a little artistic license with our own nod to the pageantry, which was largely inspired by proprietor Joan's recent trip to Italy. Italia, where crests of marble and mosaic abound, and where centuries-old paper mills continue to produce some of the finest papers in the world. Look closely and you'll see that some of these papers boast a crested watermark. Bellisima!


Sumptuous stationery from the Amatruda mill on the Amalfi coast (also available at On Paper)


Inspiration aplenty from Italy

In our own design, we bid arrivaderci to the round friars' caps (or flying saucers) and crowns, but held tight to the regal cords and tassels. We incorporated foliage reminiscent of a laurel wreath and added an ink well, so we can dip our quills and write our heartfelt thanks for the 20 years of support. Grazie mille!

For readers planning a wedding, you might consider incorporating a crest on your invitations. It just so happens that this timeless design element is having a resurgence in popularity, and is available in traditional and trending treatments.

F is for fabulous and formal (or Fisher, Fitzgerald or Freeman)

The familiar shape is updated with the softness of watercolor and glamour of foil

From the whole crew at On Paper, we wish you nothing but the crest and invite you to celebrate our 20th Anniversary with us all year round. Sign up for our workshops and socials (here) and come into the shop (to, well, you know, shop) and be sure to enter our monthly drawings for On Paper gift certificates. 





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