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To Greet or Not to Greet: How to Write a Valentine

  More than any other time of year, it is as Valentine's Day nears that we most often hear this question: "What does it say on the inside of the card?"Most often, the answer is "Nothing!"  Victoria Smith It seems that many have come to expect (and rely on) an interior greeting in their cards, a message meant to suit a myriad of occasions and relationships. But -- and I'd love to hear some feedback on...

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Everyday Magic

A few weeks ago a customer came into the shop looking for sophisticated stationery. This twenty-something gentleman had recently acquired a Parisian pen pal (the stuff dreams are made of!) and was overwhelmed by the task of responding to the beautiful letter he had received par avion. Without a clue at first as to what he was looking for (but certain that he’d know it when he found it) he wandered...

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Emily's Posts

Introducing... (drum roll please) Emily's Posts! We're enthused that our newest On Paper-ette, Emily Halnon will be signing on with a weekly column titled "Emily's Posts". With subject matter ranging from what's new in the shop to correspondence and social changes in communication style, we can't wait to share Emily's insight.A twenty something, who is quite new to Columbus, Emily is no stranger to...

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