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Just received an order of cards packaged in that rumpled oh so can't wait to open it sort of way. The opposite of polished and Christmas-y but we love the vintage feel of gifts wrapped in our basic Kraft wrap.Wouldn't tons of these look great under a tree!?

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New Luv: Niven Morgan

We're luvin' Niven Morgan- and the Jean Baptiste 1717 Collection. Soap, hand lotion and an aromatic candle are perfectly packaged and couldn't be more suited to our shop. {note: sealing wax loveliness} Here's what the creator says about this collection:"A young but sophisticated fragrance, Jean Baptiste 1717 evokes the seductive soul of New Orleans: oak lined boulevards, jasmined air, distant song,...

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Just unpacked these tres fabu french influenced accoutrements... Wall mounted shopping reminders and painted candle boxes with tin insets. Tres jolie!

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