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Valentines for Procrastinators

It seems 2013 is determined to fly by even faster than 2012; Valentine's Day is a week from today! That's right, folks... seven days left to find something sweet for your sweetheart. (And we're only open for five of them! Don't forget we're closed Sundays and Mondays.)

So today we're sharing a handful of our favorite Valentines still here in the shop. If you see one you love, stop in or give us a...

Emily's Post: Neon!

Unless you've spent the last six months or so under a rock, you're well aware that neon is a huge trend. While I have been prone to dismiss the idea of "trends" (pshh, my tastes are not determined by popular opinion), they are rather useful, to my mind, in two ways.

  1. Trends create a sudden flood of thematically-similar products into the marketplace, which can awaken an appreciation for an aesthetic...

To Greet or Not to Greet: How to Write a Valentine


More than any other time of year, it is as Valentine's Day nears that we most often hear this question: 

"What does it say on the inside of the card?"

Most often, the answer is "Nothing!" 

Victoria Smith

It seems that many have come to expect (and rely on) an interior greeting in their cards, a message meant to suit a myriad of occasions and relationships.

But -- and I'd love to hear some feedback on...

One Crafty Mom!

During our Anniversary Sale one of our all time, longtime, fave On Paper Pen Pals brought in "show and tell" - a treasure trove of all the invitations she has been making using our papers.

Sooo fun to see her creativity! For yearsshe has been shopping at On Paper and has spent hours crafting with her two girls (also On Paper fave fans!). It's been a joy to watch them grow up, and now, to see...

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