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On Paper's Gift Guide: 12 Days of Holiday Giving, Day 9

On the ninth day of Christmas, I gave my love Pinterest-worthy hand lettering and calligraphy supplies If your Pinterest feed looks anything like ours, it’s chockfull of hand lettering tutorials, projects, and tips. And while calligraphy has always been a part of our custom service (have you seen our logo?), we’re so happy to see so many embracing and appreciating the craft. Traditional calligraphy uses a nib and dipping ink, and features thick downward strokes and thinner upward strokes. If you have an aspiring calligrapher in your midst, we recommend getting a set that includes multiple nibs allowing him or her to practice a variety of styles. One of our very favorite options includes five Brause nibs, violet J. Herbin...

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Welcome to our 20th Year!

The traditional gift for a 20th anniversary is china, but as it’s On Paper’s 20th year we prefer to celebrate with paper, paper, and more paper!  It’s true! From it’s brick-and-mortar home on North High Street, On Paper has been designing wedding invitations and selling fine stationery, handsome writing instruments, and hand-bound journals for two decades. We’re planning a year of pomp and circumstance and we hope you’ll join us! Chin chin! Among the festivities, we’ve planned monthly workshops to gather our fellow paper lovers together. In December we hosted our first in the series: a typewriter social, which is exactly what it sounds like, and better! Richard Polt, author of "The Typewriter Revolution" and one of Ohio’s typewriter aficionados,...

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