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Spotlight on Michelle

Today I have the distinct pleasure of turning a well-deserved spotlight on our Store Manager, Chief Invitation Consultant and resident Visual Merchandiser, Michelle. Though she is clearly an invaluable member of our team in many arenas of the business, today I wanted to focus on her incredible creative talent. We pride ourselves on our imaginative window displays, and in recent years, Michelle is...

Daydreaming On Paper

Twice last week first-time visitors to the shop described it as being "like a dream." Now, I'm informed with some regularity that my job is enviable. (Not to brag, or anything....) I think it's largely because I am able to spend my days surrounded by beautiful things. 

And they're right. On Paper is a special place -- and quite a contrast from a cold gray January day such as this one. Warm bright light radiates from chandeliers, illuminating our paper wall on the right, thousands of cards to the left. Looking straight to the back, delicate jewelry twinkles behind glass. 

Personalized Gifts for the Holidays

The holiday countdown has begun... Hanukkah starts a month from today, and Christmas is less than 50 days away! The time is nigh for custom holiday cards, but fret not -- simply upload a photo and personalize online to quickly create the perfect postal greeting for you and yours. 

[Be sure to take advantage of the 15% off deal by November 18th using the code below!]

Cross a few folks off your list...

To Greet or Not to Greet: How to Write a Valentine


More than any other time of year, it is as Valentine's Day nears that we most often hear this question: 

"What does it say on the inside of the card?"

Most often, the answer is "Nothing!" 

Victoria Smith

It seems that many have come to expect (and rely on) an interior greeting in their cards, a message meant to suit a myriad of occasions and relationships.

But -- and I'd love to hear some feedback on...

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