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To Greet or Not to Greet: How to Write a Valentine


More than any other time of year, it is as Valentine's Day nears that we most often hear this question: 

"What does it say on the inside of the card?"

Most often, the answer is "Nothing!" 

Victoria Smith

It seems that many have come to expect (and rely on) an interior greeting in their cards, a message meant to suit a myriad of occasions and relationships.

But -- and I'd love to hear some feedback on...

Extreme Thank You

Just arrived in the mail today: a much appreciated thank you note from Kara Wheeler, one of the producers for Extreme Makeover Home Edition. The December 16th episode featured a Columbus family and a truly extreme makeover. Michelle volunteered at the building site and On Paper donated papery goods...

Watch a re-cap of the show here. Best of luck in the future to the Rhodes family, and thank you to...

William Arthur Stationery Sale

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Sincerely Yours, Tiffany & Co.

Dear Tiffany-

We are swooning at the window displays this month at the Tiffany & Co. at Easton Towne Center.

What a lovely homage to the letter- not to mention- the LOVE letter! So creative and fun and a great reminder that there is nothing like the written word - on paper!! ;)

On Paper

By On Paper on 2010-10-26

Just received the new issue of Midwest Living! In addition to the bountiful holiday lovelies there is a nice feature: "The Art of Letter Writing" which showcases note cards from ML's favorite finds- of which we are one!

So nice that they appreciate pen to paper and sealing their letters with a kiss!

Handwriting Fonts

We are in the process of creating some in-store signage using calligraphy fonts and thought we would share some handwritten font finds. Those of you who have been working for fonts for years know how remarkably INEXPENSIVE handwritten fonts have become! It used to be $100+ per font, and now - peanuts for the designer fonts. $18-$35 puts a world of high end fonts on the desktop. Not to mention free...

50 Cent Quotes

Just received a very cool box o' quotes- there's one for every day of the year- but we're sellin' them by the piece - only 50 cents. Printed on a great handmade paper with cool fonts that vary piece to piece, these cards are great pick me ups- inspiring and insightful. Love that!

Pick up a bunch- they look great packaged in a monarch envelope from Green Paper Company. Or, pick up a stack and...

Mailboxes, etc.

On a recent trip out to Boulder I saw this great row of mailboxes (center) tucked in to a lovely vine covered arbor. Sigh- will these quaint antiquities become a thing of the past!??? I think not.

Denial or delusional????
Your thoughts?

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