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Save the Date!

Now that you’re engaged and you’ve been properly feted, let’s announce your wedding date in a style all your own. 
At least some version of saving the date has be taking place in Europe since the12thcentury in the form of “banns” in which your parish announced your intent to marry on a specific date. This was to allow any objections to the union to be voiced and the marriage halted if necessary...

Design Focus: Recent Invitations

Here's what we've been up to lately! Lot's of custom work by On Paper Press- Joe has been creating some great new invitation designs. Michelle has been working closely with brides on selection and all of the design details that make their wedding stationery truly unique. And, of course, we continue to do many fresh updates on timeless classics with some of the country's most established...

We Heart Wiley Valentine

Thought we'd feature some designs from one of our most favorite of designers, Wiley Valentine.

The photos below illustrate the sheer breadth of their design versatility- always with a flair for the ornate, but from the most modern of edge to the most delicate of soft. LUV them!!!

Love their sophisticated take on coral and sea motifs- especially their clever use on the reply card.

Calligraphy swirls,...


These oversize post cards from Hee Haw Design are sellin' like hotcakes! Letterpress printed on chip board, these cards can be sent by post, hung on a wall, placed on a shelf or just left around and about to make you smile! With sayings like "You are my sunshine", I love you more than biscuits" and "Keep on the sunny side" these fun notes are bound to brighten your day!

My Small, Skinny, Interfaith Wedding - Part I - Invitation

Well folks- the word is out... I am going to be married this summer! And despite the success of My Big, Fat, Greek Wedding- I'm taking an alternate route!! My beau and I have been together for over six years and have finally decided to tie the knot. We're opting for a small family affair at our summer cottage in upstate NY.

So now that it's "my turn" I'm going to share a bit on my blog, posting...

Egg Press-Letterpress Printing Video

Photos: via Egg Press

And we love Egg Press! On Paper has carried their letterpress cards for years and I had a fun few minutes to visit with them at the Stationery Show. They had a fab video at their booth which is now on their website. Link over to watch the video... it's a great way to see this incredible letterpress printing process at work. The video, (beautifully shot!) just reinforces our...

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