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Royal Wedding Invitation

THE InvitationPhoto: If you haven't seen THE invitation to THE most talked about wedding in decades- here IT is! Thoughts from any of the common folk out there? We'd love to hear your opinion! Here's ours...Aside from the astoundingly beautiful insignia at the top- we were, well, royally underwhelmed. The wording is just what we expected- distant, formal, fancy, full of protocol......

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On Paper on Scoutiegirl

A great post about On Paper on the indie artist site Scoutiegirl. So flattered to have been sought out by this fab team. Thanx Khristian for creating such a great column that supports local bricks... much needed in this crazy economy!! This is a great website- if you aren't familiar with Scoutiegirl be sure to check it out!

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Viva Italia!

Getting ready to embark on my long awaited, belated Honeymoon!!! As I head off to Venice for the week, I pay homage to a few of my in store faves from Italia- the paper capital of the world!!! See you in a week with lots of posts about Venezia! Ciao!! Cavallini gift wrap Italy mapMurano glass pen set Amalfi stationery set

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