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New to the Shop: Candles!

This week has brought On Paper a beautiful new array of candles, each one prettier than the last. We couldn't help but proudly display them in the center of the shop; a shrine to the simple joy of twinkling lights and wafting fragrance. Read on to learn more about a few of our favorites!

Valentines for Procrastinators

It seems 2013 is determined to fly by even faster than 2012; Valentine's Day is a week from today! That's right, folks... seven days left to find something sweet for your sweetheart. (And we're only open for five of them! Don't forget we're closed Sundays and Mondays.)

So today we're sharing a handful of our favorite Valentines still here in the shop. If you see one you love, stop in or give us a...

Personalized Gifts for the Holidays

The holiday countdown has begun... Hanukkah starts a month from today, and Christmas is less than 50 days away! The time is nigh for custom holiday cards, but fret not -- simply upload a photo and personalize online to quickly create the perfect postal greeting for you and yours. 

[Be sure to take advantage of the 15% off deal by November 18th using the code below!]

Cross a few folks off your list...

New to the Shop: Christina Stankard Jewelry

Last week brought some delicate yet stunning new jewelry to the shop. Incorporating pearls, sapphires and chalcedony, Christina Stankard creates bright earrings and luminous necklaces. All pieces are handmade in her Brooklyn studio -- we imagine it must be filled with natural light, to inspire such ethereal pieces. To see a gallery of her work, check out her website. To adorn yourself with these...

New Jewelry in the Shop!

We hope you're as hypnotized and delighted by these pieces as we are! They're as strange, beautiful and exhilarating as this absurd weather we've been having -- and what better way to welcome spring and summer than with bright jewelry that celebrates nature's bounty?

The Evolution of the Business Card

The business card is a stationery item so omnipresent that most people are unaware of its fascinating roots in European culture, or of its ongoing transformation. Today the exchange of one's card can be a purely professional act or a romantic overture, depending on the context. But in the 1600s, such distinctions were quite clear.

In 17th century England, trade cards became a popular form of...

New Luv: Niven Morgan

We're luvin' Niven Morgan- and the Jean Baptiste 1717 Collection. Soap, hand lotion and an aromatic candle are perfectly packaged and couldn't be more suited to our shop. {note: sealing wax loveliness}

Here's what the creator says about this collection:

"A young but sophisticated fragrance, Jean Baptiste 1717 evokes the seductive soul of New Orleans: oak lined boulevards, jasmined air, distant song,...

Necklaces from Margaret Solow

We're so excited to have these new necklaces by
Margaret Solow!

They come to us via Collier West who has carried them for years. Now that they are moving to the Big Apple- Suzi has shared them with us! {thx Suzi- we miss u already!}

These "Grounding Series" necklaces are beautifully cut gem stones, hand strung on silk cord. Aquamarine, Chalcedony, Grey Quartz to name a few... each stone has...

NEW Home? Perfect adornments!

Just in- great new hand crafted adornments for the new (and not so new!) home...

Daily Quotes: A fresh bunch just arrived- an ON PAPER fave- these inspired quotes are a perpetual best seller! .75 each- printed on handmade paper... buy one or special order 365 in a box- one inspired thought per day!

These are what we feature on our "Quote of the Week" posts and we never tire of all the amazing words...

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