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New Jewelry in the Shop!

We hope you're as hypnotized and delighted by these pieces as we are! They're as strange, beautiful and exhilarating as this absurd weather we've been having -- and what better way to welcome spring and summer than with bright jewelry that celebrates nature's bounty?

Ringin' It!

Been wanting to bring in some rings for quite awhile especially these stacking twig rings from Swallow. Sterling delicately cast in organic formations- one set with a diamond and the other without. All great prices too: $110 and $66.

This one by Michel Michaud- also a natural form- birch bark. Sterling with a hint of copper patina and fairly wide width makes a great Fall statement. Also really well...

My Small, Skinny, Interfaith Wedding - Part II - Wedding Bands

Well- now that the invitations are in the mail... I've moved on. On to the next priority- the rings- of course!!

This was really hard for me. I have two very distinct sides - vintage and contemporary. Makes sense if you know what product I have in the shop. That said- finding the perfect ring was really a challenge. I already had a beautiful vintage style aquamarine ring given to me by mon amour...

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