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Invitation suites too sweet not to share (Part Three)

Hello, hello! So happy you’ve tuned in for our third and final (for the moment) featured invitation of the season. We hope that you won’t mind if we shine a spotlight on others down the road (after all, it is our favorite subject and there are so many more gorgeous invitations to bask in). This design in an On Paper exclusive, designed in house and one we’re thrilled to say is in currently in production for a very organized bride (summer of 2016)! Pardon our aliases, but we don’t like to spill the beans until the I dos have been done, so we’ll call her Sara and him James, and we’ll call their style rustic elegance. One benefit of being so...

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Save the Date!

Now that you’re engaged and you’ve been properly feted, let’s announce your wedding date in a style all your own.  At least some version of saving the date has be taking place in Europe since the12thcentury in the form of “banns” in which your parish announced your intent to marry on a specific date. This was to allow any objections to the union to be voiced and the marriage halted if necessary...

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