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New to the Shop: Amy Butler Bags

More than any other time of year, summer is when I find myself yearning for a fun new bag. My wardrobe is lighter and brighter, and suddenly the purses I loved all fall and winter seem burdensome and boring. If you're suffering from the same sartorial malaise, I invite you to lay your weary eyes on these beauties. Designed by Ohio's own Amy Butler, these organic cotton bags explore a modern...

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Yes Virginia, There Is A Post Office!

Some of us are lucky to enough to have a summer house. And some of us are lucky enough to have a summer house in a town so small you need to have mail delivered to the post office. And those of us who are really, really lucky - get to have their mail delivered to a post office that is very old and very cool! Guess that makes ME one very lucky gal!! And in the sea of post boxes- there is one that...

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Xtreme Makeover in Columbus

Xtreme Makeover, and that oh so buoyant Ty Pennington, hit the road and were in Columbus, Ohio to re-build a home for lucky locals- the Rhodes family. We had the distinct pleasure of working with designer Kara Wheeler and donated a few items for this much deserved family. Our store manager Michelle Porreca served as an on-site volunteer in the final days of madness as thousands prepped for the...

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