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Daydreaming On Paper

Twice last week first-time visitors to the shop described it as being "like a dream." Now, I'm informed with some regularity that my job is enviable. (Not to brag, or anything....) I think it's largely because I am able to spend my days surrounded by beautiful things. 

And they're right. On Paper is a special place -- and quite a contrast from a cold gray January day such as this one. Warm bright light radiates from chandeliers, illuminating our paper wall on the right, thousands of cards to the left. Looking straight to the back, delicate jewelry twinkles behind glass. 

Everyday Magic

A few weeks ago a customer came into the shop looking for sophisticated stationery. This twenty-something gentleman had recently acquired a Parisian pen pal (the stuff dreams are made of!) and was overwhelmed by the task of responding to the beautiful letter he had received par avion.

Without a clue at first as to what he was looking for (but certain that he’d know it when he found it) he wandered...

Shakespeare in Love post on Style Me Pretty

Start the new year off with inspiration from Style Me Pretty- our favorite go to blog for wedding inspiration. Be sure to check out this MUST SEE paper inspired event- so clever and creative!

We LUV the calligraphed books hanging to frame the archway and the pages spilling from the table to create a cloth. Vintage genius!!!

Be sure to view the post HERE and more photos HERE.

Photos by Studio EMP, as...

Yes Virginia, There Is A Post Office!

Some of us are lucky to enough to have a summer house. And some of us are lucky enough to have a summer house in a town so small you need to have mail delivered to the post office. And those of us who are really, really lucky - get to have their mail delivered to a post office that is very old and very cool! Guess that makes ME one very lucky gal!!

And in the sea of post boxes- there is one that...

Pen Pals

Lauren Flaum (left) and Leanne Ohlund (right)

Fun visit today at On Paper from pen pals Lauren and Leanne.... Lauren lives in Columbus and Leanne in Canada. These two gals met over the internet on a photography forum. Over time as their friendship blossomed, they graduated from internet pals to pen pals- sharing their love of stationery and writing through pen pal letters.

The two were as enchanted...

Write the Note!

Struggling with who should write those holiday thank you notes? You or your husband? You or your kids? You or YOU?! In the words of that oh so famous tag line-- "Just do it!" You'll be glad you did, they'll be glad your did and you'll start off the new decade with a word of thanks and a communication moment.

Need some new stationery? We can have it to you in a week! Order personalized stationery on...

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