What. A. Weekend

You guys came out in a big and safe way last weekend! Except for the masks, social distancing and hand sanitizing, it felt like a normal November weekend in the shop. We love what we do, whether it's chatting with you about our local artists or packing up web orders, it's so much fun when we're busy making people happy and honoring our mission! Your handwriting is an art, whether you think about it that way or not. There's nothing else exactly like it. You don't need any special talents or skills, just a good pen, a little time and maybe some practice.

As we promised, we stocked all of your favorites for holiday and as predicted, you're shopping earlier (thank you). We're still getting in shipments every day. Today, we're restocking drool-worthy Kaweco Student Rollerballs but we're also running low on things  that we won't reorder in time for holiday (like our wood, stone and metal wrap bracelets and Frasier Fir candles) so you gotta get 'em while they're hot. 

We ship everything USPS priority or UPS 1-3 days depending on your proximity to our shop in Columbus. Things seem to be moving pretty well now but next week and the week after we expect shipping delays. 

Tomorrow's festive savings is 20% off return address labels and Saturday, we'll be printing personalized notecards for you while you shop. 

Here's the latest on our move. Our plan is to stay at 737 N High Street until a new tenant has signed on and we have no idea how long that will take in this bleeping market. The mix of businesses in our building is important to our landlord, the neighborhood and us so hopefully, we find a great fit and if you know of a small business looking to start up or expand, send them our way.

Many unexpected things are for sale in our shop right now (an old wood mantle with chippy paint, vintage snow shoes, an antique mail box perfect for letters to Santa). These items aren't online, they must be experienced in the flesh. We're making plans for an On Paper antique/moving show. Our basement is chock full of 20+ years of antique and vintage treasures, little cases and drawers and vases and so many beautiful things. We're keeping our favorites for our next space but everything else will be up for grabs (by grabs, we mean sale). More details to come. 

After that, we’re fairly certain we’ll have a character-ridden hybrid custom studio/retail space that nods to the On Paper aesthetic. (I know...there was a lot in that sentence). One of the paper companies we rep renovated an old bubblegum factory (that's a pipe dream but how cool?!). Our plans for retail continue to evolve but we definitely picture a retail footprint, albeit smaller, for our core items that you love to see, touch and try (stationery, fountain pens, journals and journaling supplies, sealing wax and stamps, our stocked paper, etc.). Physically, this might be close to our current location OR it might be a little farther away but hopefully downtown. The complete collection of our products will always be available at www.onpaper.com.

This blog is the best way to stay informed. Send us your good vibes, thoughts, ideas and questions. We do what we do for you and yeah, because we love it too. We're so glad to have you along for the ride. 

Until next time, 
Margy and the fabulous OP team (Quierston, Lynsey, Cassie, Christian & Eva) 

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