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Every year vendors from fledgling stationery studios to major invitation printers and retailers (that’s us) converge in New York for the National Stationery Show. We go to find fresh and compelling trends in cards, stationery, and writing accessories. Wonder what we found? Well hang on to your ballpoints, here’s a preview of what we’re so excited to be bringing to the shop.

The National Stationery Show--the place to see and be seen. Thanks to the NSS for this snap.

While handwritten and calligraphic designs are still popular and were well-represented at the NSS, we were happy to come across the irreverent palette of Kinaloon whose hand-printed silk-screened cards pop and can work for an everyday hello or special occasion.

                                      Kinaloon's refreshing take on flora and fauna is happily stocked at On Paper and ready for sending.       

We’re also pleased as punch to have Clap Clap’s delightfully illustrated cards in the shop. Her lightly scented cards are making a delicate splash (a splish), allowing senders to write a thoughtful note infused with rose, pine, and hinoki.

       Clap Clap's scented cards come with a fragrance chip to lightly perfume your greeting (and your wallet or stationery drawer after).                            

We noticed (and love) the note within a note trend, like these mitzvah cards from Sugar Paper. It’s the Russian nesting doll of stationery: why send one note, when you can send two?

Mazel tov times two!

If you haven’t been to the store in the last week or so, you may be surprised by our newest and most organized department: planners! Scheduling a dentist appointment isn’t a pain if you’ve got a rose gold planner with pinstripe and pastel tabs.

Or you might enjoy planning your wedding even more with Midori’s kangaroo-inspired organizer (pockets on each page) and foil stamped sticky notes. 

Plan or document a great adventure!

We’ve got students covered with refillable academic calendars and a rainbow of Le Pen felt tip pens. We have Clap Clap’s sweetly illustrated planners for the whimsy-inclined (and ever popular floral planners by Rifle Paper Company). More configurations, accouterments, and brands are on the way!

We're clapping for the arrival of Clap Clap's planner.

For those engaged readers, popular trends in custom printing include foil stamping (copper and rose gold are the rising stars), lush botanical designs, and lacy laser-cut accessories like bellybands and pockets.

Proud as can be of this divine lacy pocket folder by yours truly. The bride wanted an invitation echoed her beautiful wedding dress. We love thoughtful design!

If any of this strikes your fancy, or if you love the idea of timeless, traditional wedding invitation we’re here and can’t wait to meet you. Let’s set up an appointment (and write it in a new, glam planner)!


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