Journals + Notebooks

Journals + Notebooks

What's all this about journaling?

Once the domain of teenage girls and the literati, journaling has become a hallmark of the so-called self-care movement, right up there with meditation. And for good reason: Scientific studies have shown it to be essentially a panacea for modern life. There are the obvious benefits, like a boost in mindfulness, memory and communication skills. But studies have also found that writing in a journal can lead to better sleep, a stronger immune system, more self-confidence and a higher IQ.

These are grand claims and it's ok if you're unconvinced. If nothing else, it's fun to wake up every morning and spew a hurried black scrawl all over those straight blue lines or dots.

Need some help getting started?  Make a list of: 

  1. People you want to write (yes, a real letter sent in the mail)
  2. The little happy things in life (like Tokyo Milk Dark Perfume Rollerballs)
  3. Your wins (like getting up or saving the planet)
  4. Things that save your sanity (wine, coffee, a new notebook
  5. Your goals (eat more vegetables starting with a salad for lunch)
  6. Your favorite quotes ("alright alright alright" - if you say this 3 times in the mirror, Matthew McConaughey will appear and hand you a joint)
  7. Things you love (your mom, tv shows, places)
  8. Things you don't love (lima beans, snakes and cleaning the potty) and just let it go bro
  9. "Things to do" list (not just to-do but things you've always dreamed of doing (go to the moon, build a treehouse, get a dog)
  10. Pretty pens you need to make journaling even more satisfying and fashionable
What's the difference between a journal and a notebook, you ask?  Let us tell you. Actually, let Matt Caprioli tell you because he does a bang up job of it. 

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