Our Mission

Welcome to On Paper. We're so glad we found each other and that you share our mission. 

We're living in the electronic age. The world has changed. What remains constant through the ages is the desire and need for self expression. When people choose to write by hand, it is now, more than ever before a form of self expression. The fine, velveteen touch of a handmade paper, the distinction of a deckle-edge or paper embedded with flowers, all become reflections of who we are. The choices we select make a personal statement and add great significance to our communication with one another.

For writers, artists and lovers of all things beautiful the quality and depth of paper is like no other medium. On Paper is dedicated to this belief and expresses a passion for exquisite paper, paper products and fine printing. We offer an electric assortment of handmade papers from around the world, fine stationery, invitations, journals and uncommon gifts that honor tradition, celebrate the contemporary and compliment technology.

We want to share our passion with everyone who feels deeply about what they have to say and for whom they say it to put their thoughts On Paper.

On Paper was launched in 1997 by Joan Schnee. It was forged out of a dream to combine her retail career in visual merchandising and store design with her love for paper making.

After 23 years in the business, she chose to pass the torch to Margy Lydy-Meeker in January 2020 and Margy was honored to accept it.

Margy is committed to leading the business with the same attention to quality, integrity and values for many years to come.  

We can't wait to see you in the shop.

Hazel (13); Margy Lydy-Meeker, Proprietor; Sebastian (10) and Jason Meeker