Berdoues Perfume - Selva do Brazil

$ 88.00

Since 1902, the French fragrance house Maison Berdoues has been formulating perfume with the highest regard for the French art of "haute parfumerie" using only the finest ingredients, blended by skilled perfumers.

The Grands Crus collection is inspired by a love of travel and the unique and evocative scents from foreign lands. Sophisticated, elegant scents are created with essential oils and fragrance blends for long lasting fragrance hold.

From the Portuguese ‘selva do Brasil’ or ‘forest of Brazil’, it evokes the green of the Amazonian forest - luxuriance, warmth and moisture.

Petitgrain from Paraguay, tonka bean from Brazil and Gaiac wood from Argentina come together to create a timbre that is both alive and racy, like the sap that flows in the heart of the "selva's" trees.

Beautifully packaged, made in France. 3.38 fluid ounces. 100 ml.

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