Blackwing Pencil (individual)
Blackwing Pencil (individual)
Blackwing Pencil (individual)

Blackwing Pencil (individual)

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 602 features: 

  • A firm and smooth graphite core that helps it deliver on its promise of “Half the Pressure, Twice the Speed
  • A gunmetal grey finish and iconic square Blackwing ferrule with a pink eraser 


  • Ideal for musicians, woodworkers and anyone who prefers a soft, dark line, the Blackwing Matte is the softest of the four core Blackwing models.
  • Fatures a timeless matte black finish, iconic square Blackwing ferrule and black eraser.

 Natural features: 

  • An exposed Incense-cedar barrel with a subtle clear matte finish and our popular extra-firm graphite
  • A gold imprint, grey eraser and the iconic square Blackwing ferrule

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