Football 3D card
Football 3D card

Football 3D card

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The brown cover of the Football card features a laser-cut illustration of an American football helmet.

Inside a paper football awaits. Open the pop up card to experience this fun paper sculpture and enjoy all the exciting and authentic details that surround it.

Inspiration for the Football card:
Football is one of Lovepop's most requested designs. They were afraid local sports fans would storm Lovepop HQ if they didn't hurry up and release this design.

They had to get our Football card just right for the fans in Boston and beyond. Kathie did her job and created a fantastic pop-up. 

She does want you to know that the scale of items in this card are not meant to accurately reflect a real football, though if someone did ever make a football as big as the goal post, she'd love to see them roll it or carry it down the field.

Occasions for the Football card:
Give it to your dad or grandpa on Father's Day, send it to your girlfriend to celebrate her unwavering love of the Cleveland Browns (never give up hope girl!), or buy it for yourself as a reward for your team loyalty.

Those nachos weren't going to eat themselves every Sunday afternoon during football season, and your commitment is worthy of celebration. Treat yo self. 

This Lovepop is the perfect pop up card for football fans of all kinds!

This winning pop up card is 5 inches wide by 7 inches tall.

One sporty Lovepop with one blank envelope and the Lovepop Note, a little note card that tucks away with your own personal touch.