Provence Eau de Parfum

$ 32.00

On a recent trip to Provence we discovered the lovely French company Panier des Sens. Incredible quality and pricing, their products are simply fantastique! All of their products are  pure and are free from paraben, aluminium, silicone and phénoxyéthanol.

The signature fragrance "Provence" evokes all the scents of the region, in particular the bright citrus fragrance of orange. Not "fruity" or "tangy" this sophisticated fragrance an amazing combination of essential oils and plant extracts with herbal and aromatic properties. The sparkling freshness of citrus zest combined with the amazing benefits of sage and petit grain of citrus leaf softens the skin.

Exquisite packaging: 50 ml, (1.7 ounce) spray bottle in a foil stamped decorative tube.

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