Swingcut Scissors - Titanium Coated

Swingcut Scissors - Titanium Coated

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Raymay Swingcut Scissors - Titanium Coated

Winner of the 2014 Good Design Award and the ISOT 2014 award in the Functionality category.

The innovative design of Raymay's Swingcut Scissors makes for an effortless and easy cutting experience. Unlike conventional scissors, the swing point of the blades are offset, allowing you to make stronger cuts with less force. The design is ingenious in more ways than one: as you cut, the upper handle acts as a handy separator and guides the cut paper down and away from the blade movement.

Titanium Coating: The stainless steel blades are coated with hard titanium to provide 3 times the blade durability of uncoated stainless steel, perfect for cutting cardboard and other heavy-duty tasks.