Write On

For years, people have been asking me to blog.

Now let's not forget- I own a paper store. Two actually for awhile, and now, one store and one wholesale paper business. So to say I would jump at the opportunity to spend more time at my computer than I already do is not on top of my A List!

But that said, I grew up journaling - almost every day for years, so the notion to me is not a foreign one. It's just the medium that is. For me, there is nothing like scribbling your thoughts on paper.

So, in spite of it all- I am excited about the prospect of blogging. I love the idea of stretching to come up with a topic that may (hopefully!) be of interest to SOMEONE out there. And to me. One thing is for sure- to blog is to stir the creative spirit. And THAT is truly exciting prospect.

So welcome to our blog. As time flies by- we hope to inspire and wax poetic about the joy of papery things.

Please visit our web store: http://www.onpaper.com to learn more about us, and, if you are in, near or around Columbus, Ohio- be sure to visit the shop...On Paper, and the Short North Arts District- I promise it's well worth the trip! "Till then- it's onward, blogward and upward!!

Sincerely, Best regards and Yours truly-
Joan Schnee

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