My Small, Skinny, Interfaith Wedding - Part I - Invitation

Well folks- the word is out... I am going to be married this summer! And despite the success of My Big, Fat, Greek Wedding- I'm taking an alternate route!! My beau and I have been together for over six years and have finally decided to tie the knot. We're opting for a small family affair at our summer cottage in upstate NY.

So now that it's "my turn" I'm going to share a bit on my blog, posting from time to time with show and tell... where I am in the process and fun finds along the way.

I'll begin by trying to heed a bit of my own advise:

First, I always counsel couples to articulate an emotional theme. For us, it's all about celebration- celebrating our relationship and sharing it with the closest of family and friends.

Second, I suggest to find a visual theme. For us, it is birds and nests- a soft theme that already runs through our home and hints at just that - "home".

That settled, we pinpointed our location. The ceremony is taking place in our neighbors yard with a backdrop of our other neighbors yard- a magnificent flower garden. The reception will follow on our deck. It all begins late afternoon and a light supper will be served. where to begin!?

With the invitation of course!! While this may come as a surprise- I opted for a imprintable invite- a packaged card and envelope that you can print yourself at home. Of course, it's not just any imprintable- but a fabulous one from one of my favorite letterpress printers, Wiley Valentine. The icing on the cake here, (or should I say, the glue that sealed the envelope!), is that Wiley uses Green Paper Company envelopes and letterpress prints them as well. Just beautiful and just perfect for MY wedding!!! Here's a glimpse at the working invitation proof...

As luck of the draw would have it the USPS just released a perfect set of stamps, how great is that!

More to come...stay tuned!

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